Should you start collecting art?  Yes.


You: Enjoy art or are interested in owning an art collection that reflects your unique self.

I: know about many contemporary movements and niches within contemporary art, so I've decided to share this knowledge.  Because when more people are collecting art, the world becomes a better place.

You: ask me to consult on helping create a collection that is visually pleasing to your tastes but will also retain value.

I: introduce you to many established and emerging genres within contemporary art and we begin to build a collection with a vision and a purpose.

You:  have increased your overall happiness because you live with inspiring art and your investments bring you joy on a daily basis (and a return if you decide to sell them in a few years).

We: work together and create a bond over something we both truly enjoy :)


Services include but are not limited too: advising, purchasing, placement, installation

Areas of expertise: Post Internet, Digital, Street Art, Post-Street, The New Contemporary Art Movement, Pop-Surrealism, Urban Folk, Art Toys, Imaginative Realism, Illustration as Art